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  • Red MoonEagle

The Rage

a Poem dedicated to those who have been witness to The Rage

Yellows caught

Round and round

In the spiral

Not aware they can 

Step out, into

The waves of the spiral

They go round and round

We are here to help them

Help ourselves help them

By careful and diligent work

Each moment each action

Is with awareness of self

True self, purpose

Once you know, 

Your aware if the spiral.

Hurting, punishing yourself

Punishes others


Culpable carelessness

The Rage

Crossed the boundary

Crossed the line

Carelessness toward those we are here to help

Culpable in your negligence

The Rage

The spiral will move

The Rage

Up, Down, Side in, Side out

In, out, within, without

The Rage

In fullness



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