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  • Red MoonEagle

The Door Closes

A poem

I have walked into a room

Our eyes lock

Instant knowing



Breathe in and out

Aware past the true form

To see the body 

To see what shell they have chosen

So joyful, so purpose driven

Moving in the rhythms

She points to the the path

The diverse complexity

The unique specialness of us all

Connected and disconnected

You are important

So grateful for the invite

This is the party!

The songs of together

Community with joy

Discordant! Pain!

Denial! Hurt! Trauma!

Negligent to the purpose

Community turns as one

To envelop and support

Slam! the door closes

Each and all eye to eye

Body to body

Felt the door close

We all wait for you to come back

And join the party.


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