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The Girl and Time

poem story

Dedicated to Martin F. 2024


The girl groaned, strained trying to hold Time still

It pushes, sways, bends, slips, voids



“Stop that!”

The girl complains, trying desperately to hold



“would you like some help?”

Asks Chaos.


“what do you think?”

The girl snaps sarcastically in return

"where is Trust?"the girl snaps out

While struggling to hold

Even for a moment, Time.


“Is it worth it, the struggle I mean?”

Asks Change.


“of course it is!”

The girl breathlessly says,

"Trust, where did you go?!"

the girl screams into the spiral

While Time lurches again

Pulling her another way


“what can I do to help?”

Asks Fear


“Find Trust!”

The girl screeches  at the Fear


“Oh, no you don’t!”

She is lurched in another direction

Swinging away


“why not let go?”

Asks Love


Time slips…

“ah!” she exclaims

Grief, deep pain wrenching


“trust the pain” says love


“it hurts” the girl cries, wounds all over


“yes, it does. Now open your eyes” love gently says


The girl opens her eyes,

Into the Mirror

True Form



Says Purpose


The girl, she, herself, me;

I stand, brush off

Look at Time, loping around

Frolicking with joy, bliss


Shrugging I join in the dance.

"I guess they will catch up." I say, resigned;

That laughter, tinkling, vibrational rumbling

Deep into the spiral, the ripples begin.



“That’s better,” Says Chaos to Change

“Yes, better,” says Change

“Time thought it was a game. It was entertaining to watch.” Commented Fear to Love

“But she was serious, and Time is not meant to stand still.” Rebuked Love to Fear

“It’s ok, it was done, the dance only paused for a moment.” Reassured Purpose to Chaos, Change, Fear, and Love.

“Anyone for a game of Chess with the spiral?” Asked Chaos to the team.

“Yes!” said Purpose, eager.

“me too!” said Fear, with a gleam in the eye.

“oh no!” said Change, “you cheat!”

Love beamed a smile and laughed her tinkling laughter.  


Balance just stood at the edge, watching Time and the “girl” dance, as it was meant to be. The spiral was moving again.

Choice asked Balance "Do you think she will rely on Trust to help with Time again?"

Balance sighed and smiled "Of course "she" will. That is Omega."




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May 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

oh I like this one.

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