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Elements of Surrender

Updated: May 9

A Poem.

The Elements of Surrender (C)

By Red MoonEagle



Surrendering to the Movement of Earth

Surrendering to the Breath of Air

Surrendering to the flows of water

Surrendering to the Rest of fire

There is surrender in all elements of our existence

And to the End of flesh


The spiral within the Mother and without

Her sisters dance with us among the stars

Reach out and within

Each moment of change

Surrendered to bliss


There is nothing still

In moments of peace, there is chaos

Fear is not real

No matter how tightly it is held


My journey is not your journey

My purpose is not your purpose

I honor you by surrendering

Releasing you from expectations

Mine and yours


Each element is within me

Each element is within you

I surrender to you the gift

And release the flesh to go home.





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