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  • Ankharet Verch Meredudd

Savory Breakfast

I struggle with extreme nausea in the mornings.

Normally, my tea helps a great deal. Sometimes it does not.


This morning, I had awful nausea. I thought maybe I would be able to struggle through, then decided to take some medication. I knew I needed to eat, but with nausea of this kind, I just will not.


I did my food prep for the week yesterday, so I knew it would be easy to make breakfast. With my Autism and ADHD, if I have not done my food prep- breakfast can be an overwhelming decision tree, and mixed with nausea, I will just "skip it".

Meal prep for the week


This is the worst habit ever!


I pulled out the veggies, all prepped the day before. Seemed brussel sprouts, green onion, red pepper, cilantro leaf; and a little last bit of zucchini from last weeks prep.


Chopping veggies is the time I use to charge the food ingredients. Giving thanks to the farmer who planted, the harvester who pulled the plant fro the earth, thanks to the people to sorted and prepared for transport, thanks to the transport persons, thanks to the store clerks and ordering people who brought it to my local store for distribution, and thanks to my ancestors for the knowledge to GIVE THANKS for the food I need for nourishment. Charging the food, connects me back to Earth, the elements, and the spirits that help grow and bring this food to me. Honoring the chain of connections is a gift I can give myself.


I prepped all the chicken for the week too, yesterday. So I pull out what looks like the right amount of chicken, chop and also add to the saute.


Then I prepared the egg mixture, in the same bowl I will serve. I mix here two organic eggs, some thyme and pepper. I whisk briskly and wait till the saute veggies are done.

Then it is time to blend together and cook the egg.

While that is cooking and I stir occasionally (about 5 minutes) I clean the bowl I mixed the egg, and wipe it clean, to prepare it for the serving.

When serving, I add 2 tablespoons of whole milk full fat yogurt. This is for probiotics in the digestive tract.

Then Serve!

I sit by the window, with my tea and whole cream, my veggie savory breakfast.

I am still nauseous, but I know that The food is good for me.


Here is my final serving:

It works out to be at 3/4 cup of cooked veggies and protiens with 2 tbls of whole milk yogurt full fat.


I do not count calories. I count health and feeling good, good gut health, and reasonable portion sizes. I eat slowly, over a period of time, reading, journaling, doom scrolling. Takes me a cup of tea to eat my food. It is normally cold when done. But I know that my brain has produced the necessary chemicals to digest at that point, I am full and satiated when done. Sometimes the nausea is gone, sometimes the nausea is still there.


I took meds this morning to be ABLE to eat. And already I feel much better.


Blessings in your own food journey!


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