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a poem dedicated to all shards of Dragon

Singing her song flittering, fluttering

Musical in rhythm with the drumming

Of dragon’s heart


Rumm, rumble, rumm

Thumm, drum, thrum


“Why do you sing such high and low song?”

Says Dragon.


Singing, trillling and smiles

Moving, swaying tipping on the tiles

In the wind of Dragon’s breath


“How do your feet move so lightly?”

Questions Dragon


Smiling in the song

Leaning arms out and long

Touching Dragon


Rumm, rumble, rumm

Thumm, drum, thrum



Exclaims Dragon


Fingers soft along the hard scale

Touching and sliding along the veil

Between Dragon and spiral


“please continue the song and move of spiral”

Asks Dragon


Trilling high with a whistle nigh

Stepping low into light

Beckoning Dragon. Come.


“may I dance with you in the spiral?”

Asks Dragon


Smile, tail swishing, nails glistening

Hair blending, veil twisting

Into the veil, gone


“I’m coming!”

Thunders Dragon


Rumm, rumble, rumm

Thumm, drum, thrum




Sitting on the pier, with her bare feet swishing in water, little fishes nibbling at her toes. She looks down into the reflection in the water. The ripples swirling and abstracting her image. She listens to the frogs, crickets, the trees and the opposome walking in the brush. There is a stillness in the movement. She hears distantly the song, right on the edge of her hearing. The Rumm, rumble, rumm, thrum, drum, thrum of a dragon’s heart. She smiles and watches as the image in the water, but only slightly, distantly reminds her of the dance. This form is so delightfully different.

Will Dragon recognize me?

What fun we will have dancing in this form!


She smiles and hums to the Rumm, rumble, rumm, thumm, drum, thrum of a Dragons heart.


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