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Cleaning vs "Cleansing" Space

I tell my students all the time. Welcome to the most skeptical spiritual psychic you know. Laugh if you like, but It’s true. I ask lots of questions.

Sometimes that weird-heavy-headachy "bad energy" feeling in your house is just stagnant air with dust and trapped odors adjacent. Instead of assuming it a “haunting”, “negative energy” or another other kind of Woo-woo, just take a deep clean approach FIRST.

Instead of buying sacred herbs closed to a culture and practice you don’t belong to just because some non-Indigenous re-seller advertised it to you as “spiritual magical plant that removes 99,99% of all bad spirits” you could, I don’t know, clean your windows or vacuum.

Sometimes cleansing is just cleaning. That cleaning can often clear out the stagnant “wrongness” pervading a space. Left over kinetic “smearing” can occur when you have a lot of people in your house for a gathering, party, or just a lot of foot traffic of visitors. Kinetic “smearing” can be left over from an argument. If someone is depressed in your family unit, it can bring the energy “down” to the whole house. Maybe you have a family member who “picked up” a “kinetic smear” from the bar.

These are all things that can be easily dealt with, cleaning. Basic Cleaning.

Open your windows and airing the place out alongside a modicum of cleaning anything dusty or stinky. Address high-traffic areas, seating, kitchen sink, trash bins, bathrooms, pet enclosures and potties and see if things don't feel better. Not saying the place has to be spotless, but it will probably feel better with fresh air and the removal of allergens, sewage, and perishable garbage. And clean the bathroom and the toilet. Ignoring the toilet can cause all kinds of kinetic miasma in your financial life. If it's too hot to open the windows, at least clean up the pet messes, wash the dishes, and take out the garbage. Anything that can rot and stink, get it out. And run some fans to get the air moving.

Use baking soda mixed with basil leaf on the carpets. Not Essential Oils! Let the powder mixture set for at least an hour as you walk on it, clean high surfaces. Wipe down windows with vinegar and surfaces like base boards. Wipe down all the doors (everyone seems to miss the doors). Move furniture, see how the energy changes with the moving of furniture that is “always in that same space”. Remember to clean “high” to “low”, dust and debris settle low.

Vacuum last.

What most people forget, is you have a natural scent. No, I am not talking about your BO. I am talking about the natural pheromones create a scent, that is unique to you. Food, alcohol, exercise, and mind set are affecting that scent. Your constant shedding of skin and hair spread that scent around. That is also why a person’s bedroom has a “scent” naturally- not talking about “sex smell”, though that can affect it.

So, wash your bedding. I mean it. If you are not a person who “bathes” before bed, then guarantee you are getting into bed dirty. Depending on your personal routine, wash your sheets 1-2 times a month. If you are using a top sheet or duvet cover, you don’t have to wash the blankets. If you use a blanket instead- wash that when you wash the sheets. And polyester fleece blankets hold so much body grease and odors, I really do not recommend them, and will always heavily discourage their use. Think cotton, wool, cotton flannel, or linen. And use a duvet cover if you can so you don’t have to wash the blankets. (Synthetic batting is just as bad at holding odors as polyester fleece.)

Vacuum your couch, favorite chair etc. And use covers if you can, again, so you can wash them. And get the couch shampooed at least 1x every few years if you have pets.

Also, if the Bad Feeling is an ongoing problem, check your home for mold, gas leaks, bad wiring, pests, and carbon monoxide. You'd be SHOCKED how many symptoms of "hauntings" are just homes in need of practical repairs and pest control.

Got a “humming” “haunting”? Check the electrical! I know of a house fire caused by bad electrical, that come to find out that family had had a “exorcism” to get rid of the “humming” and it was bad wiring in the kitchen! The Mom had been hearing it for months!

Story time:

Around 2019, I was asked to come in and to a “energy clearing”. I asked all the same questions I always ask.

How long have you lived there?

How many rooms?

When was it built?

How many previous owners?

Do you happen to know anything about the previous tenants?

What is your cleaning routine?

What would your house/living style be described as? (ex chaotic, cluttered, hoarding, minimalistic, etc.)

When was the last “deep clean” you did?

How often do you move the furniture in your home?

What kind of flooring do you have, how many different kinds?

Where is the laundry room in your home?

How do you maintain your laundry facilities?

What is your kitchen care look like?

When was the roof inspected last?

What is the history of water damage?

Have you ever had any kind of bug infestation?

Do you notice or noticed a change in this recently?

What is the outside care of your home look like?

How many people share your space?

Do you sleep/share intimate space with a long time partner, or is that changing in your life?

Do you have pets? What kind?

What is your cleaning routine with your pets?

Anyone in the home been sick recently, new symptoms, ongoing health issues lasting years, multiple diagnosis in gut, brain and or hormones?

I was mortified when I walked into that house. It was a recent purchase (less than 5 years). It had been a custom-built home to the owners’ specifications. They had a weekly cleaner through a local company, with a team, come through every other week. 2 dogs, 2 teens, 2 adults, and one elderly father who had his own custom suite. Apparently, the day I came, the cleaners had been there early that morning, I arrived around lunch.

The best description would be the infancy if hoarding. And the smell was so moldy and awful, I had to go back out to the car and get my mask. I did a brief “walk through” before my gag reflex took me out to the yard. The yard was immaculate.

Apparently, mom and dad are in the agriculture business, and their lawn and the outside of their beautiful home is just the centerpiece of beauty. Mom was the one who asked me to come clear out the “haunting” they brought from “their past place”.

BTW – just a keynote- hauntings do not follow people (so rare I have never seen it, only heard about it). So, I figured it was something else. Nothing prepared me for what I saw.

Clearly, in this case, it was both mental health energy needing to be addressed, as well as decluttering of “stuff” and they had a serious mold problem.

I gave them an assignment sheet, kept up with them for the last year. They got an inspector in, and found, sure enough, the beautiful new home had a poorly done roof. It has been leaking water down an entire wall, on the inside, and cracked the foundation on one side of the house. There was black mold, all in the ceiling, attic, and one whole side of the house needed to be fixed as well as foundation repair. A beautiful 4-million-dollar house, needed 1 million in repairs to make it livable.

I went an extra layer, and asked where they moved from, and I got to see that place. They had a renter in there; but yep; that old place had mold too! Also had about one hundred thousand needing of repair.

Come to find out, none of them had the ability to even SMELL the mold. None of them. *sigh* Yes, some people cannot smell mold.

So, the house got fixed (the one they are living in, no idea about the rental). I got them additional help for decluttering, organizing, and all of them had to see doctors and counselors. Between the mold brain illnesses, they all had, and the physical problems that “seemed” just an “influence of the haunting”; every single one needed specialized care.

And now? I am happy to report, yes, their house did get several “spiritual” cleansings, over the period of the changes of the last year. But most of all, the house was not “haunted”, which I knew it wasn’t. And they all report feeling happier in the home, less anxiety, brain fog, and “wrongness”.

The lesson of this blog is simple. Clean first. Don’t just cover up with herbal cleanses, essential oils. Investigate, find what is “wrong” in the structure of your home.

You don't need to go bonkers with smoke or moon water or incense or candles for regular maintenance-level home cleansing.

Cleaning is cleansing and cleansing is cleaning.

Before you pick up the sacred sage, the sacred and mis-used Paulo-Alto, and clean first.

On another soap box/for another blog……

Know your sacred herbs, know their uses, purposes, and have a relationship to that plant medicine. Don’t just buy all the “special magical herb” cleverly advertised to do A, B,C for you…Honor our Mother, and educate yourself first.

The best way to break the suppression of our stolen medicine through capitalistic patriarchy, is to educate yourself.

Ask lots of questions.


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