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  • Ankharet Verch Meredudd

A Witches' Bottle

Every once in awhile someone posts on social media about "witches bottles" and the biggest response is fear. Personal fear, superstitious fear, generational fear, curses, and Hollywood influenced fear tactics, generalized overarching fear-inducing TRAUMA response.

I like to think that people know better, or are working on their fear triggers, but in reality; they often are not. So I decided to blog out a step by step guide from a class I taught 13 years ago. It was an attempt, at the time, to dispel the fear within the local pagan community. Now it's time to try again.

Lets dis-spell (grin) the power of fear from generations past, from generalized fear inducing trauma response. Let's begin to let go of our karma.

Witches Bottles:

(class notes from around 2010) Taught by Red MoonEagle

#1 Remember that anything you create, thinking to “punish” or “speed up another person’s karma” or “get back” at someone, only creates Karmic ties on YOUR end of a Karmic thread; unless of course the receiver accepts the Karmic ties.

#2. Two ends of the karmic connection with a witches bottle in the middle is a contract that can go lifetimes deep.

#3. To release YOUR ties to a witches bottle connection, requires your own shadow work, does not require or need on any part, the other person. No matter WHO started the ties. In this life or the last. It is unwise to allow the fear, anger, resentment, etc. emotional ties to anchor into your energy field. Realize their fears do not have to be your fears.

Creating a Witches’ Bottle for protection: I ONLY recommend these be used for grid work. Do not build these with a person in mind. i.e protection against a specific person, against a person, against a type of person, etc. Again, it is important not to create contracted karmic connections. Only make between New and Full Moon. (building protective energy)

1. Glass jar

2. Lid that seals

3. Wax

4. Materials with all elements, earth, air, fire, water

5. Mix, ritual for protection, seal, BURY or set in a safe place behind regular furniture. I.e. vents, behind book cases, somewhere it cannot be disturbed till you move.

6. Ritual basics class notes for the beginning of this.

7. Set intention with creating an anchor for your grid work. Grid work notes review here. Make sure you are not accidentally creating Karma between you or anyone else! So be specific in your words. Make sure to draw up into your space with honor and agreements the elementals and mother earth in your working.

(P.S. Grid work blog coming soon, and possibly some classes! Let me know if you would be interested.)

Releasing a Witches’ Bottle: Releasing a witches bottle of your own or unknown origin is pretty much the same. Witches’ Bottles can and do decrease in efficacy with time; generally speaking they last about 100 years. Opening the jar with fire, and releasing each part with fire, allows you to tap into the internal natural structure of Mother Earths primary element (fire). With this release it is best full moon to dark (new moon). Releasing using mother earth’s natural celestial connections and elements will assist in the process.

1. Take bottle away from your living space

2. If you have the ability to build a small cauldron fire, to urn the items; this is best. (bondfire works too *grin)whatever fire you use, make sure you have the person’s fire you are using’s permission.

3. Open the jar. Make sure to use gloves. Use a sive and drain out the water into another jar; separate the items into their parts (if you can) Earth, metal, paper, water , stones etc.

4. Put the metal in the fire first (metal, paper, stones, etc.) Make sure to release all intention and karma between you and the intention of the bottle.

5. The water from the jar should be put into a small pot and boiled away to steam and released that way. You may need to use a disposable pot and throw that away afterwards, esp. if the bottles water had oils etc. (I generally purchase a cheap lidded post from a thrift store cheap). Do NOT breath in the steam. I recommend a heavy lid on the pot to keep that risk down. Releasing the water this way, connects in and releases the elemental connections of air and water; again allowing fire to cleanse through Mother earth. Make very sure you are releasing all karma between you and the intention of the bottle.

6. Once complete, break the jar. Take the pieces in a paper bag and pound away with a hammer. Glass is silicates, and once broken down to bits, you can mix in wit fresh earth, and bury or sprinkle where you like. I have been known to release glass bits, pulverized, into compost, dirt along a trail etc.

7. Any bits left over from completed fire (the hard stuff that does not become consumed with fire) are safe to keep if you want. Though I recommend releasing all out into the wilds of the world.

8. Make sure to finish this releasing ritual with a complete cleanse of your physical body, Epsom salt bath+basil. See notes on cleansing ritual from previous class.

9. Make sure to do a deep clean of your home. See deep clean and grid work from class notes.

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