I just wanted to let you know that alot of what you told me has manifested itself! I am amazed by your insight and ability to help others find their path. Thank you for your gifts.

     -Written by KC of Bozeman MT, 2019

How do you describe the divine? How would you describe a being of near infinite knowledge and wisdom? That is of course what she is, an individual who knows things, things that few others would even have access to, let alone use properly. I've been working with Red for a number of years now and she continues to astound, every time that we meet one on one it's like working with a real flesh and blood life guide. In all actuality she's a life teacher, which means that instead of random words strung together in some queer fashion, it's easy to absorb,comprehend and understand. In a group setting her practical knowledge and experience are undiminished, she’s able to teach each and every one of us as though were all simultaneously in a one on one environment. Red is diligent in every class or session that she puts together and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and as such I try to make whatever class that she offers. I wish that I could afford to pay to meet with her on a more regular basis... She is a part of my bucket list of things to do when I strike it rich, which includes meeting with, learning from and perhaps even exploring new dimensions.        


     -Written by EC of Bozeman MT , 2016

It is hard to put Red and the work that she does into words. Red came into my life at a time when I was ignoring the fact that I was indeed, lost. I believe that she could tell I was trying to cope and find myself, and as it goes, she continues to be a major facilitator in my self-exploration and healing. Above all else, Red is a teacher. She had the ability to see the raw and real me, what my life patterns have been and what they are in this moment, yet she never tells me what I need or what would be best for me. She never gives me the answers I seek to the questions I have, but instead has this way of helping me find my own answers. She helps me understand myself, and because she is so unconditionally supportive, she creates a safe space for me to acknowledge and accept all parts of me. Her guidance on a spiritual level has never felt controlling or pre-conceived, she is there to help you see you, no matter what that entails. She is innately encouraging, free of judgments and tells it like it is, and that has allowed me to look at myself through a new set of eyes, and process and accept parts of my life that I could not look at before. Since working with Red, I feel more grounded, less chaotic and more equipped to go on this journey through life with myself. The wisdom she holds, and the tools she offers have empowered me and have helped me get closer to my true self, and no amount of words could express the gratitude I have for her.   


-Written by LC of Bozeman, MT , 2016

Red is a bright, vivacious gem in my world.  I have known Red for about seven years and have found her to be the “real deal” in psychic readings, energy healing, and coaching. Red has an amazingly wealth of knowledge of the physical and spiritual realms, skillfully harnessing that wisdom into very unique, individualized sessions.

I have experienced several healing sessions with Red. Some have included chakra balancing and grounding, conversations with spirit guides, crystal healing, Tarot card readings, aura readings, Native American animal totem work, and stone therapy.

I have met many psychics in the past. Many of them were only able to scratch the surface in their readings. Many of their readings were vague and not helpful. Some of the readings were designed to tell me what I wanted to hear and not authentic reading.

Red’s sessions, on the other hand, are so thorough that I am grateful for her notes and “homework,” so that I can read and reread all the information that she presents. In her sessions she will tell me what I need to know, not necessarily what I want to hear. She also encourages independence in her coaching sessions. She reminds me that I am the one who needs to do the “heavy lifting” since it is my life.

Her medical intuition is always spot on with my physical body.  She has given me dietary information and supplement suggestions that are invaluable.

Before I worked with Red I was struggling with some health issues that were interfering with my daily life. After receiving my individualized, optimum diet and health plan and options from Red, I was able to restore my energy so that I could enjoy life again.

Red is also a gifted teacher.  She truly gives from the heart and diligently designs lessons for each student.  I recently attended one of her workshops.  Red’s enthusiasm and humor in her presentation of the material was contagious. I found myself chuckling at her animated examples and recognizing my own foibles. Time passed so quickly that I was surprised when the workshop was over.  Red reminded us that we could meet with her later if we had any questions. She encouraged a continuing relationship.

Her zest for teaching is not limited to “classroom settings.”  Her Facebook video daily devotionals are inspirational and thoughtful. I learn something every day from them.

If you are looking for answers in life, I recommend Red.  She has not only the gift of sight but also a unique ability to communicate with everyone who crosses her path.


- Written by DK of Bozeman MT, 2018

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After seeing Red for Energy Healing for years, I recently experienced her work with the Biofield Tuning for the first time. This powerful modality adds another layer of information to our sessions through the vibrations of her tuning forks. It was incredible both to hear the change in vibration as Red worked throughout my energy field, but also to feel the vibrations my body absorbed so readily! My experience during the session was very relaxing and grounding, and the vibrations from the forks eased the physical tension in my body. In the following days, I could feel my body processing the work Red had done, and it felt as though more energy moved through than previous sessions without the use of the forks.  Overall it was an experience I highly recommend to others – I can’t wait to go back for more! 

- Written by EC of Bozeman MT, 2019

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