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Clients Say....


I don't know if this is a common response, but after we finished our session, I did a super quick tech check and then went outside for a little walk and some lunch. It was very overcast though the rain had stopped for a few moments, and everything just seemed "shimmery". I felt more alive than I have in a long time - and more grateful. Was just a few moments of awe - and the restaurant I ended up at is called "No Sweat Cafe". haha. Just had to share. <3

Thank you for sharing this gift with me.

It's a lot - and I can already feel the tug of "need to dig into it more". (Sensing some reading in my future!)


Good health, happiness, and understanding to you and yours.

-Gloria (NN8)


After seeing Red for Energy Healing for years, I recently experienced her work with the Biofield Tuning for the first time.

This powerful modality adds another layer of information to our sessions through the vibrations of her tuning forks. It was incredible both to hear the change in vibration as Red worked throughout my energy field, but also to feel the vibrations my body absorbed so readily!

My experience during the session was very relaxing and grounding, and the vibrations from the forks eased the physical tension in my body. In the following days, I could feel my body processing the work Red had done, and it felt as though more energy moved through than previous sessions without the use of the forks.


Overall it was an experience I highly recommend to others – I can’t wait to go back for more! 

- Written by EC (NN4) of Bozeman MT, 2019

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