Clients Say....


The work that Red has been able to help me complete on myself (much needed work) from when I first was able to meet with her, has been absolutely amazing! She was able to give me insight on why I was feeling things the way I was and is able to bring things out that I was keeping hidden during her energy work.  


Having been gifted a session with Red for my first meeting with her was probably one of the best gifts I could have received.  It was right when I thought I had healed completely after some major life changes. Little did I know that she was exactly what I needed to help me process and grow to where I am now.  I still regularly have Red do energy work on me, and will continue to as she is as so important to my continued growth as a human. 

-Written by LT, Clancy MT 2022

After seeing Red for Energy Healing for years, I recently experienced her work with the Biofield Tuning for the first time. This powerful modality adds another layer of information to our sessions through the vibrations of her tuning forks. It was incredible both to hear the change in vibration as Red worked throughout my energy field, but also to feel the vibrations my body absorbed so readily! My experience during the session was very relaxing and grounding, and the vibrations from the forks eased the physical tension in my body. In the following days, I could feel my body processing the work Red had done, and it felt as though more energy moved through than previous sessions without the use of the forks.  Overall it was an experience I highly recommend to others – I can’t wait to go back for more! 

- Written by EC of Bozeman MT, 2019