Spiritual Services

Due to Covid-19, all session will be remote till further notice. 

Initial Comprehensive session


Clients should expect to schedule a 2 hour block for the first session. 


We will discuss the soul's ascension them, focusing on important patterns, health, totems, and biofield energy balancing, working with several divination tools. The first visit will be comprehensive though not exhaustive.

Expect to receive a typed summary email at the completion of the session outlining key insights/information to assist you in your journey. Expect this to be a few days delayed from your initial visit.

Time: 2 hours minimum

Payment: All sessions are prepaid through a square invoice e-mailed to you.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation withing 24 hours of scheduling your appointment. This will outline further directions to my office.

Energy Healing/Biofield Tuning

Energy healing session: Healing sessions will utilize stones, biofield tuning, biofeedback, Reiki, and energy body work.  Our physical bodies are surrounded with a living light field. Traumas, illness and disease start in the energy field and become manifested in our physical bodies. I work with your biofield to assist you in healing, tuning your body to optimum wellness. 


Time: 1 hour


Astrology natal chart- Construction of a basic natal chart will include a brief 15-30 minute session with me first. I gather your information, prepare your chart, and then we have a follow up to disuss the chart. Natal Charts must be prepaid.

If you are interested in more comprehensive natal charts and progressive charts, private message me. REMOTE SESSIONS AVAILABLE

Cost: Natal Charts must be prepaid.   $350.00