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Initial Download Session

We will discuss the soul's vibrational ascendency, and your personal blueprint, focusing on important patterns, health, guides, guifts, animal helpers, health, relationships, work and so much more! The first visit will be comprehensive though not exhaustive.

Time: Plan for 3-4 hours

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Healing sessions will utilize stones, biofield tuning, biofeedback, Reiki, and energy bodywork.  


Our physical bodies are surrounded by a living light field. Traumas, illnesses, and diseases start in the energy field and become manifested in our physical bodies. I work with your biofield to assist you in healing, and tuning your body to optimum wellness.

Sometimes ETS or flower remedies can be available for energy support. 


Time: 1 hour


Prep: Come in comfortable, loose clothing. 



Follow Up Sessions

You have had your first download and now are ready for that follow-up. 

Things have changed and you have lots of questions!

Come prepared with written notes and questions- so we can utilize your time most efficiently. 

Come ready, with the mindset that you can do this! You will have some "homework".

Time: 15 min-1 hour

Before you Book!

None of the services available on this site are to take the place of medical help.

I will often recommend a client see a medical professional, or therapeutic counselor to support the client's journey.

It is HIGHLY recommended that clients seek licensed assistance.

I am not a licensed therapist or counselor or physician.


Always get professional assistance and support in times of need.


Fear is a natural emotion to change. Know that you are loved.


Again, you always have choices, choices to work and grow through the fear, or turn away. I support everyone's choice. I do not want you to be afraid. I want you to see the beautiful and unique and divine being that you are. 

Catalyzing change through any blueprint or download sessions will cause changes - and opportunities for choices. This can be "uncomfortable". It is NOT harmful. If you choose to throw the entire experience out the window without looking back. That is 100% ok too. This is your life, your choice! 

This is not evil work. Accusations, hostile emails, and other such silliness, will be treated as such and ignored.          

Good Energy Only

ALL SESSIONS are done, with first cleansing the space with both prayer and tuning forks. Prior to; AND post, a cleansing of space with smudge is done. I call upon both the Mother Goddess and Father God's energies, my Ancestors, my star sisters and brothers, and the beings of light that protect us all. 

You CAN request I do some of these opening prayers at the start of your session, instead of them being done in advance. Please let me know in your registration/booking notes. 

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions via zoom will be recorded.

You will have 3 days from the receipt of the email link, to download the session. It will then be deleted and NOT retrievable. 

Please treat remote sessions like you are in an office space. Please choose a quiet space you can focus on our sessions. These are for you. Give yourself the grace for healing. 

Remote telephone sessions will not be recorded by me in any way and will not have a method to share a recording.

Energy body remote sessions will require a brief 10-15 minute initial phone call, and then a 10-15 follow-up call. During the main part of the session, you are encouraged to lie quietly, not on electronic equipment, and follow the suggested quiet time.  


24-hour FIRM cancellation policy for all 1 hour sessions.

48- hour FIRM cancellation policy for all 2+ hour sessions.


If you have an emergency, please text me. Repeated last-minute cancellations will result in only pre-paid invoicing to book. 


Initial download sessions are prepaid via Square invoice, your payment must be processed 24 hours in advance. They are NOT REFUNDABLE. Whether that be in person or remote session.

Sessions canceled after the 24 or 48 hour window- based on your appointment type- will NOT be refunded.

This is a small business, be SURE you want to schedule. 

All refunds will have a 15% deduction on the total amount to cover processing fees. 

*to make it simple, you will not get a full refund, even if you request a refund, all processing fees will be taken from the initial amount you paid. *

Example: If you paid $100.00 and request a refund, automatically you will only receive $75.00 back.


Before you complain about the price or the any of these listed details, think about this; this is an exchange of time and energy that cannot be measured in inches, ounces, decibels, or jules.

This is an exchange of energy for dollars and time.


For over 20 years I did this same work for free. Yes, Free.

I taught workshops, provided materials, and gave up my free time, space, etc.

Now I want to share and teach and heal as a full-time professional.


That will require both my own re-framing of value; and yours. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 


If you are interested in scheduling a "group" session, contact me using the contact forms.

DO NOT use the online scheduler and pre-payment forms. 

I do not provide Tarot, Astrology, or Psychic sessions for parties or entertainment. 

I take both my gifts, my ethics, and my business seriously and practice with integrity and authenticity. 

A "party" atmosphere is not conducive to a positive or productive outcome for the client.

Energy work is a profession I take very seriously for your safety and my own. This is a lifestyle, a path of walking, a way of connecting to the universe, our world, and our communities. 


Step one will be to meet with me for 15-30 minutes. I do recommend zoom or the telephone. You will need your birth time (exact), the location you were born, and the date. 

In step two I will construct a comprehensive natal chart, with notes as well as download information including vibrational ascendency and other notes. 

In step three you will be emailed a comprehensive document with your chart.

Step four will be your 1-hour follow-up session, where I will verbally highlight certain aspects and discuss your chart. 

If you are interested in more progressive charts, private message me. 


I teach locally and can travel for workshops. 

I am a firm believer in community and building connections with other healers in a variety of modalities. Letting go of ego, and being willing to work together. Everyone is important to moving the world forward. 

I have a variety of topics not limited to this list:

Wheel of the Year

Earth Sense

Crystals and Stones


House Cleansing/sacred space

Guides/angels and other

Ethics and Energy work

Energy Medicine & Body Work Basics

Time: Workshops vary from 4-6 hours

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