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Energy Healing

In person energy medicine session

  • 1 hour
  • 125 US dollars
  • location changes- will be determined

Service Description

Healing sessions will utilize stones, biofield tuning, biofeedback, Reiki, and energy bodywork. Our physical bodies are surrounded by a living light field. Traumas, illnesses, and diseases start in the energy field and become manifested in our physical bodies. I work with your biofield to assist you in healing, and tuning your body to optimum wellness. This is an in person session. ** For All in-person sessions, you are encouraged to use your phone and record. You will not be provided summaries of your sessions in any form. ** 24-hour FIRM cancellation policy. If you have an emergency, please text me. Repeated last-minute cancellatiions will result in only pre-paid invoicing to book.

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