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  • Ankharet Verch Meredudd

My Birthday Month 2023

This is my birth month.


Read it all before you comment, please. I am not being a curmudgeon, I have reasons.


Every year I get the same questions followed by the same answers:

Would you like a party? NO

Would you be mad if you had a surprise party? YES

What can I get you? nothing, I don't need more "stuff"

What about a cake? are you trying to make me sick?

Do you want flowers? no, please don't give me dead things

Happy Birthday!- just don't.




Each and every day I have a "birthday". I am excited to be here, with you. I am grateful for each and every one of you in my life.

I celebrate the beauty in each blade of grass, to the art that makes you go Huh?.

I celebrate and find myself in a place of bliss, looking into the moment, following the light gliding across the room as the sun moves in the heavens.

I am in awe at the majesty in the tiniest ant, scurrying with purpose along the ground.

I find the woven patterns connecting us all from the person in front of me to the person sitting in their chair in an office in India, working the phones.

I find the moment of personal connection with you, when our eyes meet, in time and space.

I am with you in the room, listening, constantly aware of where you move, what you do; even when you think I am not paying the slightest attention.

I move in space with you, dancing moment to moment, present our bodies separate and connected.

I celebrate and honor the shared energy you need to give, to let me know you are alive!

I honor the voice, and messages you're choose to share or withhold, when your journey brushes next to mine.

I listen and let your guide when the time is right to move, to flow to sit, to be still. You show me the way; through honoring your journey, your soul.

I celebrate the beauty in all things, especially the time and space we share together.

I honor and give space for the illusion of separateness in this place within Mother Earths consciousness, our home, Earth.

Of the four sisters, her heat is the most intense, and the passions and depths of emotions are a reminder to celebrate each day, each moment with awareness.

If you choose to be my friend, I am grateful for your presence.

If you choose to walk away, I will celebrate your journey no matter where it takes you.

I celebrate you each day.

I celebrate the blessing of being here, with you.

Each and every one of you is special and unique.

I celebrate my life, the birth of this body to hold a piece of my soul while I am here on this earth, in this manifestation, each day by feeding it, and taking care of it as best I can. Because it is the time and space and moments we share that need celebration.


I celebrate the days I gave birth to my children, quietly and sometimes publicly, with grace. I celebrate the blessings that my body gave me that ability to choose to grow another body that a beautiful entity could choose to inhabit. I celebrate the joy and gifts of experiencing that journey with them.

The gift of being able to carry the seeds of life is exactly that, a gift. It is a responsibility and an honor I treasure.


Celebrations of birth, I feel, should not be a day, one time a year "event" capitalized by "things".


We live with a broken perspective that giving gifts and showering that person with things or time only once a year to celebrate their life is "the thing" or the "right way" to show your love. If you feel you need to give gifts to show love, that may be your love language. Then do not hold back, give gifts on any day of the year. Do not limit your need to show love to one day of the year. Give gifts that have meaning, connection and purpose to that entity to which you want to express your love.

The deep disappointment and misunderstandings of gifts that have no meaning to the receiver hurts more than the "good intentions", no matter the "love" meant to be expressed.


I rebel against that stereotype. I insist and argue that celebrating a "birthday" one day of the year with presents, parties and dis·in·gen·u·ous expectations this is not healthy for any of us.


Celebrate YOUR life each and every day. Learn to share your celebration each day with those around you.


Be truly authentic in your connection with those around you, every day, as best you can. This is not a race, this is a journey we share with each other. Be authentic, give the gift of yourself, authentically in your space with others.


Break these unhealthy cycles. Live with authenticity in the moment, NOW.


Thank you for reading my TED talk. *grin*


seriously, if you want to "give" anything to show your love, your well-wishing? Celebrate your life, and live your life with authentic joy. Love yourself.


Because I guarantee this. I unconditionally love you.


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