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  • Ankharet Verch Meredudd

How to Schedule

I few things

1) If you would like to make an appointment, please just schedule using my web site. It is easier to manage my schedule in one place.

2) I do remote work! I do have a Remote only selection, but you should still be able to schedule during my available times, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

3) Thursdays are the ONLY day I am available in the shared work space located at the Sacred Roots Massage School in Bozeman. Otherwise, in person will be in my home, or remote sessions.

4) By website is

5) If you want to refer someone, Thank you!

  • IF you refer someone, make sure they list YOUR name as the referral.

  • My discount program is pretty straight forward. If they follow through with the appointment (pre-pay and show) then YOU get a discount for your next session.

  • Repeated customer referrals, gets you a DEEPER discount.

  • Anyone! And I mean ANYONE who refers a client, (and they follow through) and they already have gone through their process gets a discount. Word of mouth discount is the best!

6) Body of 9? What about this? I am TOTALLY able to integrate blueprints, readings, coaching with Body of 9. more information in a blog later!

So if your referrals have their NN great!

If not, I am encouraging them to get identified via remote sessions with Martin and Susan, or in person events locally. I am still working on learning to identify, so it will be coming!

Go to to schedule a time to get identified!

7) Quantum Bloom Method is only in person. This is a hands on massage with Dana Kraft and energy healing with me; at the same time! Check out the details if you are interested. We are still writing the manual; but hoping to teach this in 2024!


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