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  • Ankharet Verch Meredudd


Body of 9, has been to me the missing piece of body medicine missing from the wheel. The things I could feel, see and use as a healer/teacher; without this lost medicine, seemed hit and miss for decades.

The integrity of this work is and has always been the foundation of why I chose to step through the doorway and commit to the work. This work is not for me, but for all of the people I interact with, connect with. It is for the clients, and the future generations. 

My personal participation in Body of 9, cannot be untangled from the psychic/catalyst knowing that this medicine is to continue to help heal, change each other, our relationships, our culture and the world. It will not be finished in my life-time. And I don't care. 

I am reminded over and over that my own contracts in this life are reflected in the commitments I have that relate to the expectations of participation in this writing. When I tired to commit suicide, the journey of that last death, showed me valuable lessons in the shame cycle of not trusting I would be heard. I lean into that trust that love is in the wisdom of sharing. 

My personal participation expectations:

  1. I expect that this work requires me to be 100% myself - and as Martin has commented a few times- “step into my power”. To do that, my silence cannot continue to happen. My authenticity to purpose is required.

I am a teacher and a catalyst. Those are not only two of my three life themes, but also what motivates me moving forward. I cannot go back to yesterday, and each action leads me forward to a new action; a new thing. 

  1. My expectations of time, commitment, energy, focus, and movement from day one have been 100% all in. I never looked back, both trusting the universe, my blueprint, my guides and the work. I will be eternally grateful for the three events Dec 4, 2022 that catalyzed for me, showing me, the power of this medicine. 

Event #1: Meeting Marry G. The love in her eyes, the recognition of sould to soul. Honoring the knowing that our paths were important to each other and our "work" together. Thank you Mary, for reminding me about the vastness of purpose.

Event #2: The process of watching the identification/activation of energy flow and healing that comes form that activation. The blessings of being walked through the process with my own body. Thank you to Susan for brining forward the medicine that was lost.

Event #3: Standing in eternity in just a few breaths of a moment and being "seen" for the first time fully since I was a child. The acknoweldgement without boundaries of bodies, shame, fear, dissapointment; instead with holding wonder, believing outside of space and time. Thank you Martin for sharing light.

“People” are often themselves untrustworthy (even if they do not know it), because their actions are in opposition to who they are as divine entities, and sometimes their blueprints. The cop out is that “nothing is real”- avoiding the reality of how we must grow within the spiral. For me to step up, and continue to be a part of this work, in its current form; means calling out that dissonance. Just as I accept and learn as a teacher from each person in my world, when I am dissonant in my path I shift, learn and grow.  

  1. I expect to learn, to identify, to teach, to open doors, to apply this medicine in my micro/mezzo/macro participation. This will mean being able to teach this, do identifications, writing, podcasts, and being trusted to be an adult with integrity. Encouraging and allowing collaboration to further the work, without push/pull, constantly changing goals, directions and dissonant messaging.

  1. I expect that behaviors such as  cult-like paradigms, fanaticism, money and profit-driven goals that dirty the waters to be excluded.  One thing I know is that when I am standing in my power and path, I am going to be ok. I have no designs on being in that paradigm of “toxic abundance”. 

  1. I expect the shadow/light paradigms to be honored, as the balance of this work moves forward. That will include learning new tools, new methods, new and forgotten integrations of this work to heal generations of traumas in myself and others. 

  1. I expect that “People” in this work want this work. I will “hold space” for them. I will no longer “hold-space” for dissonance that does not align with “the higher good” of this medicine (with necessity being gently realigning from toxic avoidance). Keeping with that note, that does not mean good/bad, better/worse, shadow/dark, avoidance. No-one is ahead of anyone else. With compassion and love always, because I care deeply. Caring does not mean keeping silent. I will help you, support your work, and defend your space in that work with all of my being. 

  1. I expect to find joy and love in learning from each and every moment in this work, as I have found so far. Each moment is so full of love and shadow, I find the connections within each moment moving forward, slow or fast will be amazing. Each moment is full of opportunities to learn, alone and together. Even when it is hard, there is love and joy in the integration of the "knowing".

  1. I expect in the Body of 9 communities to be honored as I honor each and every one on their journey. I will meet you, but I will not carry you. 

  1. I expect that each person's voice is not only heard, but what needs to be actionable from that voice to be attempted/honored and supported. Leaders together instead of “at” or "above" or "ahead" each other. 

  1. I expect if I am dissonant, you, the community, the individual in your light, will show me my shadows. I will honor your courage in showing me this. 

  1. I also expect that shame, fear and disappointments when expressed, are done so in a safe place without blame, deflections, avoidance, and negligence toward others. I will no longer allow my brothers and sisters to be silenced. 

When looking at what that means to me I have a list:

  1. Honor the entities within each body I encounter

  2. Honor the patterns and webs of the work. 

  3. Connect with the people in their fleshy bodies; honoring what they bring both shadow and light, no matter how it shows up. 

  4. Connect with the purposes as they come into my realm, honoring what needs to move or not move in that moment

  5. Be joyful in the work with my community, in both the sadness and joy of togetherness in the learning. Paying attention to the specifics, so I can be with them as they need me to be. 

  6. Be joyful and find the fun with my community, with myself, in discovering the layers of this amazing medicine. 

  7. Love the authentic journey I have with this medicine, and be with others no matter the shadow or light this medicine brings. Healing is in being together. Healing the world is not a race, I have all the time we need. 

  8. Love the integrity of that work, no matter how long or short, not rushing the medicine of the work. I will be loyal to each person, in the love of all that they bring. 

  9. Harmonizing with the whole. Holding myself and others accountable to their blueprint in this work. Without being negligent to the higher purpose of what this work brings to the world. 

The 1:1 interactions we have with one another, those relationships are what are reflected in a larger community. It would be negligent to put myself out of alignment by pretending to be ahead of anyone else in this journey.

I am "teacher" but I am also forever "student". I am humble in each moment of every day, that you and I are here, now, in this moment both together and apart held in the arms of Mother Earth.

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