Health Coaching & Life Coaching

CIRS/Lyme/Biotoxin can be the diagnosis that turns your life upside down, as much as it is the validation to explain so much. It is difficult to assimilate all the new criteria for living, the changes to your daily life, your awareness and future goals. 

Healthy Life style changes are often needed for general support as well. 

No-one should have to face this alone, there is support available. 

Coaching is a supportive relationship between coach and client in which the client is the expert. My purpose is to deeply listen and ask purposeful questions to uncover what truly works for you. 

Coaching bridges the gap between the expert advice of your physician and real-life implementation and support. Coaching is there to support both the patient and the family.

With active coaching techniques we will create new strategies that will affect long term change in your life. Any one thing you do effects change in everything. We will discuss and work on tools to help transform your life toward your goals. 

This includes nutrition, exercise tips, learning about your relationship to food, recipes, helpful shopping hints, and other tools. You will have support and assistance in making and fulfilling life goals. 

We can meet via phone, video sessions or in person. 

Please contact us for package pricing.

Discovery session - 15 minutes 

Meet with me to discover your plan, your goals and see what program will fit your needs. In person, video conference, or phone!

Email through contact form below- Or call me at 406-690-1137 and leave a message

Fabulous YOU!

Transformational Health & Lifestyle Program

We will follow your individual specially created coaching and support program together, to master change in your life. You will have weely  sessions with me, to support your goals. I am your accountability coach and your cheerleader. I am here to help YOU. 

Fasting for Wellness

Learn the best way to fast and cleanse your body. Looking at whole wellness and fasting in a mindful way that does not put your body into shock, or trigger your "critter-brain"- which can lead to self-sabotage. With weekly 1:1 support check in, recipes and video support you can have success at last. If you fast for wellness, fast for weight loss, or just to find your optimum wellness window, this is a program for you!

A health coach is not a health care practitioner. I don't diagnose, treat or prescribe. I don't order tests or testing.

I don't make medical decisions or interfere with medical decisions that are made or are in place. 

I will address health care modifications and support. I will help you look at transforming your life.