Scheduled EVENTS

Tarot Class

October 12th, 2019

At Barjon's Books

A class all about Tarot. From the beginnings of what we know, to the connections and how to use them. This goes beyond your "figuring out your love life" spread. How to use them in your day to day life. 

Wellness Faire- Raising the Roof on Unity Churchin Billings
September 21, 2019

Come join us for a day of Wellness in Billings, and help raise money to replace the roof!

Health and Wellness Expo.

October 5th, 2019 Billings

Tarot Readings and Biofield Tuning

Tarot Readings: Using Tarot I will be able to assist you in finding clarity in your situation as well as provide options for growth.  I help clients understand the web of life and assist them in fulfilling their purpose in life. I guide them to harmonious acceptance of their work and the choices they have made and or need to make.

Each session is packed with information, and I encourage you to bring pen and paper. Please contact Barjon's Books to schedule. Drop in's welcome!

Biofield Tuning: Using Reiki, tuning forks, stones and crystals I work to adjust and heal your biofield. Our physical bodies are surrounded with a living light field. Traumas, illness and disease start in the energy field and become manifested in our physical bodies. I work with your biofield to assist you in healing, tuning your body to optimum wellness. 

My schedule:


October 26th

Possibly the Museum Fundraiser Ball that night too. TBD.

Biofield Tuning:


Daily Devotional

Join me, Monday through Friday most of the year for Daily Devotionals.


There is a mindeful theme, some discussion and inspirational readings. This is a chance to take technology and let it help us grow together in a mindeful community while working on ourselves. We are not alone, and with technology bringing us together, it can seperate us. 

I post live of facebook during the week, and load them into my youtube channel later. 

cost: Free!!

Guest on Gesundheit.- radio show!!

not sure what dates yet this summer

8am - 12 noon

I will be a guest on Gesundheit! with Jacobus Radio Show.  Listen Live:  click "listen live"

Contact Me
to schedule an appointment

PO Box 415

Belgrade, MT 59714


Tel: 406-690-1137

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