Scheduled EVENTS

Tarot Readings and Biofield Tuning

Tarot Readings: Using Tarot I will be able to assist you in finding clarity in your situation as well as provide options for growth.  I help clients understand the web of life and assist them in fulfilling their purpose in life. I guide them to harmonious acceptance of their work and the choices they have made and or need to make.

Each session is packed with information, and I encourage you to bring pen and paper. Please contact Barjon's Books to schedule. Drop in's welcome!

Biofield Tuning: Using Reiki, tuning forks, stones and crystals I work to adjust and heal your biofield. Our physical bodies are surrounded with a living light field. Traumas, illness and disease start in the energy field and become manifested in our physical bodies. I work with your biofield to assist you in healing, tuning your body to optimum wellness. 

My schedule:


Biofield Tuning:


Daily Devotional

Join me, Monday through Friday most of the year for Daily Devotionals.


There is a mindeful theme, some discussion and inspirational readings. This is a chance to take technology and let it help us grow together in a mindeful community while working on ourselves. We are not alone, and with technology bringing us together, it can seperate us. 

I post live of facebook during the week, and load them into my youtube channel later. 

cost: Free!!

Guest on Gesundheit.- radio show!!

not sure what dates yet this summer

8am - 12 noon

I will be a guest on Gesundheit! with Jacobus Radio Show.  Listen Live:  click "listen live"