Coaching and Support


CIRS/Lyme/Biotoxin/Toxic Mold 

This is a diagnosis that can turn your life upside down, but can also be the big “ah HA!” moment to “explain so much” about your health.

It is difficult to assimilate all the new criteria for living, the changes to your daily life, your awareness and your future goals. 


I have struggled with my own diagnosis, the feelings of isolation and attempting to explain to those who do not “believe”. Now that I have my life back, I want to provide support to you in your journey.


No-one should have to face this alone. There is help and support available.



I want to be able to assist you by:

Answering many of the beginning, middle and advanced questions about the Shoemaker Protocol.


Answering with real world experience in how to stay out of exposure. Tips and support.  

Provide ongoing wellness coaching support for patients. 

Provide you with resources for IEP, Doctors who treat using the Shoemaker Protocol, and practical every day methods of dealing with this illness and its constraints. 

Support you in the necessary adjustments to your life, so you can be successful in your treatment. 

Supporting you in dealing with the emotional struggles and suffering.

Support you by being a part of your team for wellness.

Support you by clarifying this illness to help you respond positively.

Support you by being one of those team members who gets it.

Support you by being there to teach you about CIRS in a simple manner- not overly “science”.

Support you energetically, so you have tools and techniques to be positive and bring joy and happiness back into your life.

The overwhelming burden of the cost of treament is another overwhelming factor. I have attempted to take all the necessary factors into account in determining the price for this service. 

I bill in 15 minute increments to keep your costs down. 

***Package sessions at discounted prices are available- Just ASK!***

****Mention me to a friend- and they schedule- you get $20 off your next session!****