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About Red MoonEagle

          Red MoonEagle is a conduit for catalyzing energy when people are stuck at an intersection in life. Whether that be in body, mind or spirit, her offering of cascading energy guides you who, what, where and when action is required on your part. 

         In her practice, she harnesses psycho spiritual healing techniques, the Body of 9 Natural Number Identification, transformational coaching questions, Reiki, Healing Henna Tattoo and the powerful energy work of the biofield. She works considering the holistic well-being of each individual, addressing the body, mind, energy, frequency, emotions, spiritual growth and the power of choice.

         Her approach to teaching is unique, using myth, metaphor, imagery, dreams, vibration tuning, and event interpretations to provide a rich platform for learning and growth. She collaborates with your spirit guides to unveil your personal blueprints, guiding you toward harmonious acceptance of your life's journey and choices. If you are on the journey to learn and grow, this entity is Teacher. 

          In a world filled with pyramid schemes and collectivist ideologies, it is paramount that we master the art of connecting with our most potent inner resource: the profound connection between our individual essence and our physical energy center of power, our bodies. These connections foster trust within ourselves, and this self-trust, in turn, extends to build bridges of trust within our surroundings, and our planet Earth, and ignites the flame of enlightened self-interest. It is this self-interest that ultimately nourishes the collective imperative to aid others. Conversely, when we succumb to the fear of losing touch with our own essence and connection, we unwittingly fall into the traps set by others, thus relinquishing the innate power of self that we inherently possess.


        Red MoonEagle has worked in the last 30+ years as a teacher in the public and private sectors of education, focusing on diversified learning models and high-risk youth. She has also spent time in Management and Leadership in various industries Hospitality Industry, and Alternative Health.  Red has successfully turned dysfunctional teams into working, cohesive units, maximizing workplace potential. She has been teaching in the metaphysical world, reaching hundreds of students over 30 years to find successful personal, business, and spiritual balance and overall success through her teachings and coaching.


Overall, wherever Red touches a life, movement occurs. 

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